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Santorini is definitely the most unique island in the Greek archipelago. Thanks to the activity of the volcano and with a caldera unique in the world, Santorini island is a place of exceptional beauty who is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. In Santorini island the action of nature is in harmony with human constructions. Constructions built by the anonymous folk craftsmen and modern architecture that combines the best in extraordinarily beautiful natural environment, tradition and current needs.

From the first moment you will step your feet in Santorini island you will find yourselves in a unique museum of natural history and your eyes will not get enough of their unique beauty.

Santorini Island Beaches

The beaches of Santorini island have a unique charm shaped by the volcano action.The same action that create the whole island. Black sand, pumice and volcanic rocks are the features you would find in the beaches of Santorini. Because the beaches in Santorini are different…read more for Santorini Beaches

Santorini island Weddings

For many years, Santorini was a destination that couples chose for after a wedding. It was a destination that a couple liked to choose for a honeymoon. Slowly some people thought why not choose Santorini for the wedding ceremony itself…read more about Santorini Weddings